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Property Management Service

Watershed Property makes regular visits to properties and ensures that buildings and grounds are maintained to a good standard, within the limits of the maintenance budget. Resolve disputes between lessees through a reasoned approach, ensuring that covenants are upheld. Watershed Property has established a strong reputation in the property market place for providing and managing excellent quality, economical properties.

We endeavour to incessantly progress the quality of both the properties we can offer and the shore up services we offer and total customer satisfaction is our intention. Responsibility on the type and nature of the tenants, we have combinations of persistent and routine upholding programs to twinset every contract.

Naturally, provision will always be made for 24-hour emergency call out and advice for our key partners and clients.At Watershed Property, we never forget that we are managing one of, if not the biggest financial asset you own. Therefore we pride ourselves on ensuring first class management to ensure the continued quality of the building, not only ensuring that all essential works are undertaken immediately, but that a careful program of cyclical works in put into effect, to prevent any long term deterioration.

Due to that nature of some of the contracts we operate under, some works will be required as a matter of schedule however we will always confirm these with you prior to any agreement being put in place.


watershed property